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What Brought You Here

Loss, grief, trauma, addiction? What relationship is in crisis? Your relationship with you partner? Family? Professionally? Or your relationship with Self?


Scroll through the tabs below to see what services I offer for individuals (youth and adults), couples and families.

"You are not f*cking broken!" 

Exhausted? Addicted? Angry? Feeling broken, unloved, not worthy, alone, misunderstood, or not heard? We all face these from time to time. I get it, I’ve been there myself. I too have felt lost, anxious, and confused. I use my personal experience along with my training, and the love I never had growing up, to help you learn more about yourself and how you are feeling. I can’t do the work for you, but I can help guide you through your own experience. I don’t believe in the “clinical” approach, I believe in providing a space that feels like home should. A safe place where you can really be you, where we can dive deep together and get to the root of the issues you face. Issues you no longer have to face alone.


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