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I work in unison with other health care professionals and with local community services to help provide holistic care to my clients.

Positive power plus

"Hypnotherapy works with an individuals subconscious mind and emotion. it assists one in healing or changing unsupportive thoughts, habits, or behaviours to create the life that is desired."

The Mindful Body 

"Practitioners work with the breath, the unconscious muscular tension and habitual survival responses in the body using gentle present touch and words."

trauma-Informed Flourishing Coaching

The Trauma-Informed Flourishing Coaching Model™ (TIFCOM) journey provides you with an opportunity to discover what holds clients back from moving forward, and how to release the things that no longer serve them in a healthy way. By creating a safe environment and community, we walk alongside you through this process so that you can facilitate healing from trauma for your clients in a holistic and meaningful way using the Evidence-Based Model of Flourishing.


"DIVERSIONfirst connects youth who have committed their first non-violent, criminal occurrence to community and family supports, to help them build a foundation for a positive future away from crime. It’s a police-led program, which allows the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) to offer the youth and their supports a restorative justice approach, instead of a criminal charge."

Sandra's Resources 

Check out some of my favourite educational resources and access FREE public health resources safe for everyone. 

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