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A method I created based on the lessons and failures I incurred in my own life dealing with mental illness, addiction, and abuse. My life, although not pretty, has granted me the gift of helping others grow from their experiences.


I hope you're not allergic to dogs, birds, or adult children?

I want to hear all about you and what is going on in your life.


Welcome Home,

Can I make you a Latte? The secret ingredient is love...

All of our sessions take place in my home: a comforting, warm, inviting space where it will feel like we're old friends just catching up on what you're going through and where my in-home pet therapists are also available for your comfort and distraction (hopefully you’re not allergic to dogs or birds!). Warm beverages come complimentary with your sessions and we will explore your life with a mutual vulnerability and respect that you won’t find with any other coach.

What Can I Expect?

I’m honest, raw, and serious about your progress. There will be hard days, hard work and humbling realizations. There will be homework. We will explore your fears, your feelings of being misunderstood, powerless, or hopeless. I have been there and know all too well the overwhelming feelings of broken, lost, stuck and confused.

I also know how unsettling it is to not feel safe to be able to let things out, especially when being in a safe space may be new to you. 

When I feel unsafe I tend to freeze, go quiet and become introspective. What happens to you?  How do you react? Do you get aggressive and lash out? Do you shut down and hide? Do you just get overwhelmed and back down?

Let’s get comfortable. I have a process I want to take you through. It will help you get rid of your burdens and make space for a lighter sense of wellbeing and allow room for your best life.

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